Nádia Ferreira

Designer of digital user experiences

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User experience

I observe, identify obstacles, needs and concerns. Empathy is the key to understand where design can have an added value. It is a work of deconstruction and reorganisation.

I verify the interaction and design solutions with prototypes and tests.

Information architecture

I design systems in which the content is findable and timely for the user. In a clear and intuitive flow.

I build robust information structures for navigation and maintainable content systems.


I can visualize complexity. I grasp the essential of problems, talks or meetings with sketching. And transform abstract concepts into meaningful visualizations. Making them tangible so everyone is on the same page, while showing how ideas interconnect.


I think in systems. All design decisions have an impact and benefits in other areas of the product. I inform my design solutions by user research and technical constraints.

As a senior designer, I hold strong knowledge of UX technical deliverables. Such as sitemaps, user flows, wireframes, components states and interaction specifications.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

UX designer in a Design System team

Design, launch and maintenance of Amazon Web Services Design System. Includes UX patterns and guidelines, visuals, and web components in AngularJS and React.

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Take Eat Easy

Senior UX designer in a startup

Design and launch of Take East Easy customer and business facing web and mobile applications. In house UX Designer team of one, in a startup environment.

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UX designer in a design and development agency

Design of user experiences for client's web interfaces (B2C). UX designer working closely with clients and internal Project managers, Graphic designers and Front end developers in a Agile process environment.

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Personal project

Live sketching at conferences

Sketchnotes are purposeful synthesized visualizations of your thoughts. Live sketching is taking notes creatively to communicate ideas in an engaging way, on the spot. I can visualize your thoughts at your next event with live sketching.

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Design processes

Design Ops, design processes, and guidelines for designers' workflows. Design critiques, reviews, ideation brainstorms, and internal design collaboration operations.

Coach and mentoring of designers to grow their talent and empower them to do their best work. 1-1’s, mentoring sessions, career goal setting, and design management.


User-centered design method and strategy, stakeholders workshops. Service design blueprint for strategy, design vision, and discovery phases.

Common software and product development practices processes, such as Agile, Kanban, and Lean UX. Prioritization mechanisms for features decisions.


User experience design (UX), Interaction design (IXD), Information architecture (IA), card sorting, navigation flows, user tasks analysis, wireframing, prototyping, user research, heuristic evaluation, usability testing, accessibility design standards (WCAG), Design Systems, web and mobile design patterns.


Technical documentation writing for components APIs, UX, and design usage guidelines. Knowledge of HTML and CSS to inform design decisions and build static websites. Atom, Sublime text editors, and Bootstrap framework for rapid implementations.

Design tools come and go, and I have been using Figma, Sketch app, Invision, Axure, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Omnigraffle.

Soft skills

Clear communication, enthusiasm, positive attitude, empathy, and a loud laugh!

An avid learner and open knowledge sharing mentality.


English (full professional), French (bilingual), and Portuguese (native).


I am passionate about bringing open communication to teams. Sharing best practices and closing the gap between research, design, development, and leadership.

The best products are build with the user in mind and a team with active skills collaboration. I work and iterate on processes to ensure the team is working together.

On the design side, I iterate on design solutions based on the team’s critique and user feedback.

I act as mentor to junior designers, developers, and learn with everyone’s perspectives.

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