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Headshot portrait of Nádia Ferreira.

✌️ Hello,

I am a designer, a creative problem solver by definition. I currently work at Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a UX designer in a Design System team in Berlin, Germany.

You might also know me from my sharp opinions on design and tech industry or my sketchnotes at conferences.

I take my drawing skills to creatively solve problems, but I also do illustrations.

I live in Europe, never taking the chance to settle down for too long.


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I ...

Hand drawing of 3 books in a pile.


the 700+ books on my bookshelves. Comics, UX reference bibles, essays, and occasional fiction novels.

Hand drawing of a unfolded world map.


to live in 5 different countries so far. Let's see where I head next!

Hand drawing of a pencil.


illustrations in watercolor and ink. Focusing in portraits, lately.

Hand drawing of headphones with a lightning bolt in the center.


to extremely loud music. Don't worry, I put on my headphones on.

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