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UX design can be applied to more than a single UI, but to an entire Design System environment. A Design System gathers all use cases of a domain, in the form of guidelines and components. It serves as a single point of truth for teams and unifies the development of experiences.

Design Systems have the power to improve team collaboration, enhance UX and code quality, and reduce tech and design debt.

Role specs

My role

Design, launch, and maintenance of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Design System.

Paired with UX designers, visual designers and Front-end web developers from Berlin, Seattle, and Palo Alto.

Strongly supported Front-end web developers during the development and implementation phases of web components.

Architected (Information Architecture) the AWS Design System documentation website.

Provided coaching and guidance for designers and developers adopting the Design System. Helped AWS teams and end users meet their goals.

Mentored UX designers and on-boarded new designers to the team.


Designed detailed interaction and user experience patterns (IXD / UX) for web components.

Developed guidelines for scalable, responsive and accessible web experiences for data-intensive interfaces.

Architected (Information Architecture) the AWS Design System documentation website and drove the website’s content strategy.

Developed the contribution model and process for design contributions to the Design System.

Lectured at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW), Web development conferences, and diversity in Tech events.


Heuristic evaluation, task analysis, card sorting, benchmarking, design research, ideas and concepts generation, user experience (UX), interaction design (IXD), information architecture (IA), design critiques, design systems thinking, wireframing, prototyping, accessibility design standards, web design patterns, responsive web design, and usability testing.
Technical documentation skills for components, APIs, UX, and design usage guidelines.
Sketch app, Sketch library for flows and building blocks, Invision, HTML and CSS to inform my design decisions. Atom for HTML and markdown documentation implementations.
Software development processes (Agile and Kanban), design and development workflow, design team processes, coaching and mentoring of designers.

Know more

AWS Design System is internal use only. It doesn't have a public facing website and all deliverables are under NDA.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Project highlights

Infographic showing the AWS designers, developers and stakeholders collaborating to deliver AWS experiences.

Problem space

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides cloud computing platforms with a pay-as-you-go model. AWS services range from computing, storage, networking, database, analytics, application services, deployment, management, mobile, developer tools, and tools for the Internet of Things. In 2017 alone, AWS released 1430 services and features by teams all around the world.

High level illustration of the overlap of components, pages and flows.

AWS Design System

AWS Design System is a set of design guidelines and components to help AWS designers and AWS developers to build easy, intuitive and robust AWS interfaces. Providing a seamless experience across services for the end user. The Design system is an ever-evolving piece of tools and technology.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Design System. Includes UX patterns, guidelines, visuals, and code in GWT, AngularJS and React.

Screenshots of AWS products using the Design System language.

Examples of AWS products using the AWS Design System

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