Context mapping & scenarios

I like to draw storyboards because they illustrate context, tasks, interactions, user goals and benefits. Storyboards are also easy to understand and they work as a great communication tool in a early design phase and evaluation phase.
Besides, I just love to draw!
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Artemis Framework Programme - ASTUTE (Pro-active decision support for data-intensive environments project).


Field research at Fire brigades, End-user Interviews, Interaction sketches, Interaction design, Information architecture.


Personas, Mental models, Hand-drawn storyboards, Conceptual designs including visual, touch and sound, Detailed user interface design for Android phone and tablet applications.

My Role

User researcher, User experience designer, Information Architect, Interaction designer, UX evangelist.


ASTUTE project

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Proactive multimodal Human-Machine Interface, Namahn Blogpost

Submission to UIU 2013 conference

Service design timeline of events in a scenario
Information Mental models of firefighters
Storyboard future interaction scenario
Android interface in rugged device in use

More on my design process

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information architecture
wireframes & prototypes
live sketching