Information architecture

How does the user ends up in this page? What type of information is she looking for?

I imagine a system where the information will be intuitive to access. And the process of finding that content is clear and easy for the user.
Designing a robust information structure is to make a better system's navigation and a maintainable content system.


eBuddy XMS mobile applications


Interaction design, Prototype of flows and micro interactions for testing (Axure and Expression Blend), Organization and facilitation of Usability tests & Focus groups.


Software decision flows, User navigation flows, Detailed wireframes & Interactive prototypes for IOS, Android, Windows phone 7 and Qt mobile platforms.

My Role

Interaction Designer in an Agile team with in house Graphic designers and Developers.


eBuddy XMS for iOS

eBuddy XMS for WP7

eBuddy XMS for Qt

IA Navigation flow for registration of the app
Screens navigation flow of sucess and failure cases for Qt
Interaction design and micro interactions details for WP7
Interaction design details for contacts screen WP7
Android graphic design

More on my design process

user experience
context mapping & scenario
wireframes & prototypes
live sketching