About me

Headshot portrait of Nádia Ferreira.

I am a designer,
I solve complex challenges with simple design solutions.

Previously in the Design System team at Amazon Web Services , I currently work at Rydoo as Head of Product design, in Belgium.

I love Design Systems, web accessibility, information architecture, interaction design, and edge cases.

I am passionate about closing the gap between design and development. With empathy and leadership, I encourage people to grow their talent in the UX field.

I also like to share my knowledge with the community at talks and conferences.

How I work

Hand drawing of a question mark with a pile of papers.

Problem space

Understand what it is that we are solving. Make complex problems clear.

Hand drawing of flying pieces of paper and back and forth arrows.


Consider all design solutions that could solve that problem. Iterate and improve quality by throwing away.

Hand drawing of a pencil, paper and computer in a frame.

Design playfield

Design and build solutions within constraints.

Master with diverse perspectives and cross skills collaboration. Learn, teach and empower people to grow.

Hand drawing of a quadrant with two axes and post-it papers.

Process and prioritization

Focus on efforts and features based on user needs and tech implementation.

Bring an impact where it matters.

Design is creative problem solving within constraints.


What makes me happy

Work with an international cross-functional team where knowledge, skills, expertise, and laughs are shared daily.

Collaborate to design consistent, usable, intuitive, and accessible user experiences solutions, before hitting production.

Mentor and empower designers and developers with UX best practices and team processes.

Be the point of contact for user experience across projects and teams.

Fun facts

Hand drawing of 3 books in a pile.

Book worm

700+ books are on my bookshelves today. Mainly comic books, UX reference bibles, society essays, art and illustration, and occasional fiction novels.

Hand drawing of a unfolded world map.

Work and travel

I lived in 5 different countries so far: Portugal, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Let's see where I head next!

Hand drawing of a pencil.

Artist by night

I paint watercolor and ink illustrations. And take sketch notes at conferences. Visit my illustration blog.

Hand drawing of headphones with a lightning bolt in the center.


I listen to extremely loud music. Don't worry, I put on my headphones on.

What they say

Nadia is truly a one-of-a-kind user experience leader - the one with a great deal of knowledge, who empowers her team with freedom in their work above all else. Her experience and support helped me become a stronger researcher and was pivotal in helping establish a better UX at Rydoo. Nadia always did an amazing job striking the right balance between big picture thinking and attention to detail. She leads her team by balancing high performance expectations with a strong investment in coaching and mentoring which starts with open communication. I highly recommend Nadia to any leadership role in user experience and design

Senior Product Designer

Working with Nadia was fantastic. She is a great UX designer always keeping focus on what’s best for her users. On top of that, her smile and positive attitude brighten everyone’s day. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood with Nadia around. Thank you for helping us build the AWS Design System, Nadia!

UX Design Manager

Nadia’s “sky’s the limit” imagination combined with her pragmatic approach and process allows her to tackle the most complex design problems with ease. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Nadia for over two years on the AWS Design System. She had such a positive impact on our team and product that reached far beyond the countless design patterns that she contributed to the system. She continuously raised the bar of the entire team’s work by asking thoughtful questions, always following through, and mentoring multiple team members along the way. Any team would be lucky to have such a passionate, talented, and observant designer such as Nadia on board

Design Technologist

Nadia is a really smart UX designer with a great sense of what works and what doesn't. She did an awesome job collaborating very closely with both iOS and Android developers on our team, and without her reactivity and patience, we would never had gotten both of our apps off the ground in such a short timeframe. Add to that the fact that she's very nice to hang around and work with, and you've got your perfect designer team mate. I really enjoyed working with her and I really hope we'll have other opportunities to work together. 

VP of Engineering

I had the absolute pleasure to work with Nádia on a cross-functional designer and developer team. Her UX design work is always detailed and well thought out, and she always keeps the end user in mind. As a developer, I have learned so much about UX design from Nádia and I am a better developer because of that. I can absolutely recommend her as a designer, and any team will be lucky to have her!

Software Development Engineer

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