Live sketching at conferences

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Through the use of images, text, and diagrams, these notes take advantage of the "visual thinker" mind's penchant for make sense of - and understanding - information with pictures.

Craighton Berman

Sketchnotes are purposeful synthesized visualizations of your thoughts. Live sketching is taking notes creatively to communicate ideas in an engaging way, on the spot. I can visualize your thoughts at your next event with live sketching.

Sketchnotes have the power to make things more clear!

My role


I sketch live.

My role is to grasp the essence of talks to transform words and abstract concepts into meaningful visualizations. Making those thoughts tangible allows everyone to be on the same page and to see how their ideas interconnect.


Live sketching at Darefest in Antwerpen, Belgium.

Live sketching at EuroIA in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Markers, pen, paper, drawing and listening skills.

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Photo of Nadia sketching a board.

EuroIA 2016 Conference - “Connected Things Amongst Us”

EuroIA summit is the leading Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) conference for Europe. The conference took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 22, 23 and 24 of September 2016.

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Two boards of live sketches from 'Taxonomy and UX', a talk by Dave Cooksey. Orange is the accent color.

>Two boards of my live sketches from 'Taxonomy and UX', a talk by Dave Cooksey.

Sketchnoter in residence

Live sketching of 13 talks, 3 workshops, and 3 major keynotes during the 3 consecutive days of the conference. 
Daily publication on the website by the editorial team.

One board of sketches from 'TDesigning for connected health' talk. Blue is the accent color.

Two boards of my live sketches from 'Designing for connected health', a talk by Reinoud Bosman and 'Make privacy usable', a talk by Philipp Murkowsky.


22 sketchnote boards in A2 format. Including speaker portraits and conference branded elements.

What they said

Photo of a board being sketched from 'UX for connected products' talk. Pink is the accent color.

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